Travel: so limited blog updates

We’re travelling for a few months: Wales (for my father-in-law’s birthday), Spain (because I love the sun, Moorish architecture, medieval towns and mountains…and great soccer), Morocco (you’ve seen the photos – a photographer’s dream) and a week in Paris (can’t wait – so many beautiful things to see and all the modern art galleries). But we’re travelling light, so I won’t have my laptop and so I don’t think I’ll be able to process or post photos until I return.

Location fitness

This was an excellent session covering a range of fitness poses and activities, photographed from late afternoon through to early twilight. Light and fitness: such an awesome combination!

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Studio fitness session

This client wanted a clean, fresh look to use in promotional work. Always a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated to personal training and fitness: and who has such fantastic muscle tone as a result. We tried a variety of poses using different equipment. I would like to try another session at a later stage, using a black background and making use of shadows for greater muscle definition.

Urban chic model session

This was a model location session basically using natural light, with a reflector to lift facial shadows on occasion. I wanted an urban look, with the clothing complemented by a roughly industrial background.

As a side note, this was my second solo model session. Previous model sessions, have been done with a few other photographers, or as part of a workshop. While I gained technical information and experience from these sessions, it was a “so-so” experience for me as a photographer.

I have been quite delighted with the recent solo model sessions I have done (more to come). I have been pleasantly surprised by the satisfaction generated by having a vision of the outcome in mind and, by working with a model, making that vision a reality. It’s been really enjoyable and I look forward to doing more.


Studio family session

I recently took photographed a newborn (6 days) and his 4 year old sister in my studio. Both were a delight to photograph with the sister being a natural and loving to pose for the camera.

Dance like no one is watching

Dance like no one is watching

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Gorgeous smile!



Photo publication…in Japan

Last year, I photographed an iaido demonstration in Australia by Yamamoto sensei of the Ichimon Shinkage ryu. Thanks to the good people from Ichimon Shinkage ryu iaido, I received a copy of the ryu’s annual embu (public demonstration) publication featuring a photo on the inside cover that I took last year at an Australian demonstration here in Brisbane. Nice feeling to see a photo in print!

Yamamoto sensei making the final cut

Yamamoto sensei

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River of Sound

A Brisbane yoga centre organised a sunset cruise on the Brisbane River for an evening of meditation, good eating and kirtan singing. They invited me along to take pictures. The evening was a glorious mixture of visuals (sunset colours and Brisbane’s city night sky-line) and sound with the impassioned and heartfelt kirtan melodies threading through the three-hour evening cruise. The vegetarian finger food was delicious (a delightful side-benefit).

The cruise boat approached as the sun set

The cruise boat approached as the sun set


Boat edging into the wharf

Boat edging into the wharf

The kirtan group Omkara

The kirtan group Omkara

Some of the individual singers and musicians from the band.

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One of the views of the city night-time sky-line on the boat cruise.

Brisbane city skyline from the cruise boat

Brisbane city skyline from the cruise boat

Not surprisingly, the cruise was fully sold out and the group is planning another kirtan cruise over the next few months. I can certainly recommend trying this if you like kirtan music and would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy these sounds on a peaceful and scenic river cruise.

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