Travel: so limited blog updates

We’re travelling for a few months: Wales (for my father-in-law’s birthday), Spain (because I love the sun, Moorish architecture, medieval towns and mountains…and great soccer), Morocco (you’ve seen the photos – a photographer’s dream) and a week in Paris (can’t wait – so many beautiful things to see and all the modern art galleries). But we’re travelling light, so I won’t have my laptop and so I don’t think I’ll be able to process or post photos until I return.

Location fitness

This was an excellent session covering a range of fitness poses and activities, photographed from late afternoon through to early twilight. Light and fitness: such an awesome combination!

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Studio fitness session

This client wanted a clean, fresh look to use in promotional work. Always a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated to personal training and fitness: and who has such fantastic muscle tone as a result. We tried a variety of poses using different equipment. I would like to try another session at a later stage, using a black background and making use of shadows for greater muscle definition.

Urban chic model session

This was a model location session basically using natural light, with a reflector to lift facial shadows on occasion. I wanted an urban look, with the clothing complemented by a roughly industrial background.

As a side note, this was my second solo model session. Previous model sessions, have been done with a few other photographers, or as part of a workshop. While I gained technical information and experience from these sessions, it was a “so-so” experience for me as a photographer.

I have been quite delighted with the recent solo model sessions I have done (more to come). I have been pleasantly surprised by the satisfaction generated by having a vision of the outcome in mind and, by working with a model, making that vision a reality. It’s been really enjoyable and I look forward to doing more.


Studio family session

I recently took photographed a newborn (6 days) and his 4 year old sister in my studio. Both were a delight to photograph with the sister being a natural and loving to pose for the camera.

Dance like no one is watching

Dance like no one is watching

_MG_2963-Edit _MG_2973-Edit


Gorgeous smile!



Photo publication…in Japan

Last year, I photographed an iaido demonstration in Australia by Yamamoto sensei of the Ichimon Shinkage ryu. Thanks to the good people from Ichimon Shinkage ryu iaido, I received a copy of the ryu’s annual embu (public demonstration) publication featuring a photo on the inside cover that I took last year at an Australian demonstration here in Brisbane. Nice feeling to see a photo in print!

Yamamoto sensei making the final cut

Yamamoto sensei

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